Pro-Duterte users spam a Facebook page meant for alumni of Daisy Dales Senior Secondary School in India, much to the confusion of the page’s admins

Indian school confessions Facebook page mistaken for anti-Duterte campaign

MANILA, Philippines – Administrators of DDS Confessions , a Facebook page for students and alumni of Daisy Dales Senior Secondary School in India, were bombarded by Filipinos who mistook the page for a campaign against President Rodrigo Duterte. The mass reporting led pro-administration users to do the same for the Indian Facebook page, without realizing DDS was an abbreviation of the school’s name. Many Filipinos apologized on behalf of the social media users who mistook the Indian page for an anti-Duterte campaign. A day later, the page’s administrators made a second post addressed to Filipinos after doing much research on Duterte’s term as President of the Philippines. The way this guy utters horrendous stuff makes me believe in reincarnation, because if Hitler was reborn, it would be him,” the post read. The same post then enumerated some of Duterte’s controversial statements, including the casual rape joke he made during his presidential campaign, and his homophobic remark that implied homosexuality was a disease that needed curing. The administrators closed the post with a question: “What in the absolute fuck went so wrong in [the] Philippines that you guys thought this Satan's tumor should try his hand at presidency?” “It's great to see that majority of you are well educated, smart & considerate,” the administrators told the many compassionate Filipinos on their page. To the pro-Duterte supporters, however, the administrators acknowledged the many death threats they received, stated India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi “wasn’t any better,” and wittingly responded to users who accused them of being “yellow” or dilawan. “If an anonymous Indian guy sitting thousands of miles away can influence people into voting against your President, then you have bigger problems,” they wrote.

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