India’s capability to manufacture PPE does not just reduce import dependency, but also opens up the global market for exports. It must learn from other nations to take advantage of this opportunity quickly

India must grab the opportunity for PPE exports

Today, the apparel industry is contributing in the fight against the Covid-19 crisis with the manufacture of PPE (personal protective equipment) for health and sanitation professionals. He specifically referred to how the production of PPE kits in the country has exploded from almost negligible amount to two lakh units daily, over the span of a few weeks. Later, a tweet from the Textiles Minister announced that the apparel industry now makes three lakh PPEs per day, which highlights its capability to rapidly hike production. The key reason for such massive production capability is due to the lack of orders for fashion apparel from foreign markets in the wake of pandemic restrictions in those countries. The Embassy of Vietnam in Washington has established a channel of communication with the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and the US Department of Health and Human Services. The US Federal Emergency Management Agency has created an “air bridge” to quickly get medical supplies like 2.25 mm PPEs exported from Vietnam. India cannot afford to ignore global market opportunities, which will shrink with each passing day due to myopic government restrictions. The Indian apparel industry has demonstrated extraordinary enterprise and agility through its ability to rejig large production facilities to manufacture PPEs. In these difficult times, we, at BusinessLine have been working continuously every day so that you are informed about all the developments – whether on the pandemic, on policy responses, or the impact on the world of business and finance. Our team has been working round the clock to keep track of developments so that you – the reader – gets accurate information and actionable insights so that you can protect your jobs, businesses, finances and investments.

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