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Burned through your Netflix queue already? We've dug up 100 under-seen, under-appreciated, and surprise series available on the streaming giant.

100 Hidden Gem Series on Netflix

In this guide, you’ll find shows with super-high Tomatometer scores that – perplexingly – haven’t quite managed to become the “hits” they should be ( Tuca & Bertie ); some great not-Netflix-Originals you might not have known were offered ( The IT Crowd , Extras , The Magic School Bus,Skins ); foreign series that kick ass (Israel’s Fauda , Australia’s Kath & Kim , India’s Ghoul ); as well as some personal staff favorites (yes, one of us really does love underrated heartstring-puller Hart of Dixie ). Critics Consensus: Black Earth Rising is an exceptional political thriller, confronting relevant challenges and deep-seated geopolitical problems with storytelling verve and a wise refusal to provide any easy answers. Critics Consensus: A perfectly curated cast and raw writing drive Derry Girls 's dark humor as creator Lisa McGee makes frenetic light of teen life in 1990s Northern Ireland. Critics Consensus: Though Bonding 's juicy spin on friendship and sexuality boldly treads into uncharted territory, the show's writing too often teeters uncomfortably between bewitchingly funny and bewilderingly underwhelming to make it a truly satisfying experience. Critics Consensus: A reimagining of classic Australian series Prisoner , Wentworth amps up sex, violence, and darkness without losing sight of its characters' humanity, no matter how brutal their behavior turns out to be. Critics Consensus: Queen Sono 's twisty, taut thrills are matched with epic action sequences and soapy delights, making Netflix's first South African series a smashing good time. Critics Consensus: Tuca & Bertie skips right past Bojack Horseman 's shadow with its chipper sensibility and madcap sight gags, bringing plenty of laughs as it addresses adulting anxiety and exalts the joys of friendship. Critics Consensus: Neon Genesis Evangelion , both a cultural touchstone for Japan and an uncompromising auteurist vision by creator Hideaki Anno, doubles as an enthralling apex for the mecha anime genre and as a harrowing exploration of depression -- making for a wholly singular epic about angels and inner demons. Critics Consensus: Uniquely bleak for a Sanrio property, Aggretsuko balances biting corporate satire with adorable characters and absurdist comedy to create a surprising, insightful addition to the world of animation. Critics Consensus: Salt Fat Acid Heat distinguishes itself from other cooking programs with Samin Nosrat's approachable and educational teaching style, celebrating the essential ingredients of a good meal with an international perspective.

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