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AltNews furthered fake news in a 'fact-check', to shield a Muslim man who was seen throwing a currency note inside a petrol pump recently.

How AltNews lied in 'fact-check' to shield Muslim man who threw note in petrol pump

In several cases, videos have emerged where members from the Muslim community can be seen contaminating the fruits they are selling, throwing current notes for others to pick up and even spitting on medical personnel. One such portal is AltNews and it has been working exceptionally hard to spread fake news, under the garb of fact-check, trying to mislead people and shield the Muslim community. Recently, a video went viral where a Muslim man was seen throwing a currency note, almost deliberately, inside the petrol pump premises. Then, AltNews cites Shaikh himself who says, “I had left in the morning to travel to Dabhel and stopped at a gas station en route to fill petrol. A man who claims to have partial paralysis to a point that he could not handle a currency note and did not even notice when it fell, could drive a scooter for over 30 KMs. However, it is pertinent to note that the police officer simply repeated what Shaikh had told him under interrogation and in no way, at least as cited by AltNews, does he say that the man did not have any intention to create panic as far as Coronavirus was concerned. After these obvious question were left unanswered, AltNews published the blatant lies of Mohammed Yusuf Ilyas Shaikh as the ‘gospel’ truth. OpIndia also got in touch with inspector P P Brahmabatt of Navsari police and one quick conversation revealed the selective reportage and blatant lies being peddled by AltNews and Shaikh. When OpIndia reached out to inspector PP Brahmabatt of Navsari police, he confirmed that they did get to know later that the accused met with an accident, however, it cannot be said that his handi is “paralysed”. When OpIndia spoke to the inspector in question, he said that Mohammed Yusuf Ilyas Shaikh has been asked to stay in Home Quarantine because his sample has been sent for testing.

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