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If you’ve been wondering what entrepreneurs have been reading lately, here’s a lowdown on some of their favourite books and blogs

Blogs and books: Here's what entrepreneurs are reading during the lockdown

It was enlightening and empowering to learn how sleep could be a super drug to help us outperform at work, run for longer, look younger and most importantly, build immunity against viruses. I listen to them regularly while I run in the mornings, and it just energises me and fills me with ideas for the rest of the day. Gita found her calling in Architecture & Design due to her interests in scientific logic, innovation and creativity. After graduating with a B. Arch from BMS School of Architecture, Bengaluru, she worked with well-renowned architects with specific exposure to premium homes, hospitality and recreational design. This book helped me understand how large and small events have a ramification on the individual - at a personal and professional level. And of course, I also follow the very popular ' Bruised Passports ', to keep my passion for travelling satiated with their beautiful content! Apart from that, Vineeta and her husband, are also the first Indian couple to finish the long-distance Ironman triathlon in Austria (3.8km swim, 180km cycle, 42.2km run) – which is widely regarded as the toughest single-day sporting event in the world. This one is a great read for anyone who wants to learn about the real story behind the success of any business, that's largely full of chaos, struggle and sacrifice. He has had significant exposure with industry leaders and top brands of the world such as the Boston Consulting Group and American Express. It follows journey of a man restarting his life in a foreign land by building relationships with people he meets on the way.

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